Monday, 16 June 2014

Your Stove and The Safety Aspects To Be Aware Of

Basic Safety Aspects Concerning Your Stove

There are many reasons why you should use the correct fuel for your stove. If you fail to use the right fuel you could be increasing the risk of having to face one of a number of different problems, which could result in serious injury or worse. As well as unsettling the efficiency of the fireplace you have, you are opening yourself up to a whole host of safety issues. Using a multi fuel stove can be a real benefit, make sure you choose a quality stove in the first place.

Multifuel Stove and Solid Fuel Stoves

Use of Smokeless Coals

Within the industry, smokeless coals are known for having a wide range of benefits. This type of fuel keeps your flue clear, and the glass on your stove clean. Your stove will look more attractive for longer, without having to have a regular clean. It’s also a very economical option, as less maintenance on the stove is required as the amount of problems the fuel may cause is lower than with other options. One problem with other types of fuel is that they can start to corrode the inside of the stove, however when using Smokeless Coals this doesn't happen.

Another impressive feature of smokeless coals as a fuel source is that they do not contain many, if any harmful chemicals. Ordinary fuels such as wood from blue pallets can leave long term effects inside the fireplace and the atmosphere. Using Smokeless Coals simply avoids this factor.

Safety Matters When Choosing Your Stove

When choosing a fuel there are a number of matters you will have to take into account in regards to your safety, and that of others in your home. Because a fireplace is dependent on a naked flame, it’s a must that you read all the manufacturers guidelines thoroughly and understand what fuels you can/can’t use inside the fireplace. If this process is carried out by the owner, then the fireplace will certainly be safe for use.
As with fuels in any industry, fuels used in fireplaces have to match high standards and comply with health and safety regulations. For your safety you should always try to find fuels that have been tested by HETAS or other such agencies that are concerned with testing the safety of Fireplace Fuels. Another important safety aspect is that you must not add fuel to a fire that is already burning. And you should always take great care to ensure you extinguish the fire before you go to bed, even if you’re only leaving the room to have a quick snooze.

Get The Right Wood for Your Wood Stove

If you are going to use a wood burning stove, then you should make sure that the wood you use in the stove has been produced by a well-respected supplier of premium firewood. This is because a respected company will be able to offer you free expert advice on the right kind of wood they supply that is best suited to your fire or stove.

Bohemia Multi Fuel Stove

Remember if you follow these simple tips and use your common sense with regards to safety, and having ensured you have the right type of fuel for your stove then it should run safely and efficiently. Modern stoves offer an economical solution that will provide your home with long lasting heat whilst having a luxurious design.